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Sunday, February 15
  Sims 3 11:49pm

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Monday, March 10
  zippy 02:24am

[ mood | thankful ]

I love my internets late at night. During the day it's slow-poke city.

Also, hey! I am totally still around lurking reading lj daily while I slave away for the British Columbia court system. Justice is my life.

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Saturday, August 25
  This is why I don't go on hot air balloons. 10:13am
The lovely balloon that floats over my house all the time apparently exploded into a massive fireball last night and crashed right down the road from us. That's really horrifying, and I feel so awful for those people. The last report said that 2 out of the 13 people on board died.

I've posted pictures of the balloon here before.

Visit the link for pictures of the balloon on fire and the full story.
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Saturday, August 4
  Rainbow Brite! 01:40pm

[ mood | working ]

I love Joel McHale and his little dog too.

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Monday, June 11
  ahaha! 04:20pm

[ mood | amused ]

I saw this video posted on the interwebs and it gave me a good giggle in the middle of my boring Monday of work. It is the best Conan skit ever.

What is that demonry? Everyone flee!

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Monday, May 28
  Oh, Canada ... 05:31pm

[ mood | impressed ]

Miss Canada's national costume at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Ahahaha! It could only be better if she were leading a moose and holding a beer, eh? The high-heeled boots painted to look like athletic socks are a nice touch though.

I wore this exact outfit earlier to do some gardening:

and of course, in the USA, we've adopted the bedazzled polyester fashion stylings of our favorite dead rock icon as our national costume (Miss USA, you can't win in PANTS).

You can see all the hilarity in goofy national costumes here:
Miss Universe '07 costumes from the ONTD LJ community
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Tuesday, May 22
  heroes shmeroes. 12:46am

[ mood | aggravated ]

Why couldn't Peter just fly away by himself?
He can fly; right?
And if he somehow forgot how to fly, wouldn't he remember once his brother stood near him?
So why did he need someone else to fly with him?
Why was it better for two people to bite it instead of just one?
I know "the future ... is not ... written in stone", but why can't it make sense?


Stupid Heroes.

(except Hiro & Ando, who I still love dearly)

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