Cam 1: Sexy Live Girls!

Cam 2: The office, pointing at my favorite computer.

Cam 3: Roving views of our backyard and sometimes Mt. Baker in the distance. Temporarily down until computer issues resolved. :(

Cam 4: Random images from the basement cam or cell cam.

All About Aimee

Here you can find everything you could possibly want to know about me.
The Basics         The Questions

Basically I'm a slightly sarcastic, often funny, terminally bitchy, completely impatient former accountant with a hint of a Southern accent. For at least a million years (15) I worked as an accountant at a veterinary hospital (this explains my obsession with animals). Now that I'm married, I have mastered the fine art of housewifery..mostly because I now embrace any job that lets me wear sweats and watch Oprah. Future plans are to write a best selling novel, win the Pillsbury Bake Off, cure cancer, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and rule the world.

UPDATE!!! I now rule the world....feel free to worship me and send me presents.

  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: White with freckles
  • Marital Status: Married since 10/03
  • Occupation: Accountant, Domestic Goddess
  • Favorite Food: Italian (Fettucini Alfredo), Mexican, Indian (Kashmiri Chicken, Aloo Chatt)
  • Favorite Drink: Diet Vanilla Coke, Pink Lemonade, Tom Collins, Mudslide, Red Red Wine
  • Favorite Music: Jem, Abba, Coldplay, Amr Diab, Gypsy Kings, Chick Stuff; Sarah McLachlan, Olive, Sade, Heather Nova, Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos, Liz Phair, Bjork, techno, trance, and anything from the 80's
  • Cams I Use: QuickCam Pro USB (office), Wincam (dog cam, backyard cam), 3Com HomeConnect(desk, den)
  • Computers: 2 built by my husband, Compaq, Micron, Hewlett Packard(2), IBM Laptop, CTX Laptop, a Dell or three
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1. Why do you have a live cam?
These cams have been up for about 7 years now. No special reason... just wanted to see if I could do it and it's a nifty way to let my friends and family check up on me every now and then. It's also a great way for me to keep an eye on my dogs and cat when I'm not home. I don't think I'm particularly interesting, but I know some people like to peek in on what other people are doing... It's reassuring to see other people sitting in front of their computers at all hours. Now that I live far, far away from my family, it's a great way for everyone to see that I'm still alive.

2. Will you get naked? Do you play on cam? Will you flash me? etc etc...
No. I'm NOT into nudity on camera or sexual exhibitionism, never ask me to get naked unless you want to see me flip you the bird. (hey....maybe you're into that.) People who continually ask me to get naked or write really stupid emails about it, compete for my special award: freak of the week.

3. Why aren't you live now? When are you live? Do you have a schedule? You are NEVER LIVE.
3 of my cams are live 24/7 unless something happens to my internet connection. If it seems to be down, check back shouldn't be down for long. My desk cam is live when I'm home and chatting/surfing/etc. I am not in front of the cam 24/7 because I am not at home 24/7. Yes, it's true..I have a life. If you want to catch me chatting on cam, your best bet is after midnight (EST), weekdays.

4. Why can't I see anything? Your site doesn't work. All I see is gray.. etc. etc.
This site uses java, you need to enable java to see it. If you're using can do this in your 'preferences' under WWW.

5. I don't believe that's you. Wave to SOMETHING!
I will occasionally wave or make a sign, but I am not going to sit on cam and wave for hours at a time. The thrill of proving that I'm live has worn off. Check the time on the cam, if it's live it will change. If you want to talk to me, come in the chat room when you see me on cam and see if I'm there. Email is a little slower, but it works. Understand that this is a camera meant for you to watch me doing what I normally do. I don't generally sit here smiling or waving...I'm not always chatting or even paying attention. Sometimes I am just plain boring...that's real life.

6. Are your dogs real? Are they alive?
Yes, those are real dogs. They aren't dead, just lazy. They get real tired after laying around most of the day. I bought that futon for them because I got tired of all three of them trying to cluster around my chair while I worked on the computer. My dogs have deep separation anxiety issues...they must be near me or a couch at all times.

7. Do you hate men? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you a militant lesbian? Who would ever want to date you?
I love men. If I didn't, I wouldn't spend so much time pointing out examples of dumb men so that the rest of the male population (or at least the ones that visit my page) can laugh. It's just coincidental that women often find it funny, too. I do have a husband. He knows I'm a bitch. He even enjoys it. If you'd like to ask him why he married me, write and I'll give you his email address. I am not a lesbian, but I can see how it would be an attractive lifestyle for some.

8. Where can I find out a little more about you?
OK...just send me $19.95 and I'll send you my life story...really.

9. How do you do this? Can you teach me? Help?
This is fairly simple. Get a cam first... any kind will do. I have 4 different kinds..they all work about the same. Read the instructions. The best way to learn is to just take some time and experiment. If you want a webcam, there are tons of programs out there. This site gives detailed reviews of cams and software and outlines how to put it all together. I use SpyCam and it was very easy to set up, the author gives all sorts of info on his site. I also use Webcam32, it is slightly more complicated but it has some great features.

10. Will you send me a picture? Wanna trade? Don't you have any other pics I can see?

11. Why/How do you get so many hits/votes?
I currently get anywhere from 7000-10,000 unique hits a day and I believe it's because: 1. I'm a chick 2. my name starts with A, so I'm at the top of a lot of cam lists 3. I was in Time Magazine, The London Times, and a few other large publications (which spawned tons of links from other sites/publications) 4. I've been around since 1996 (see: forever) and my site is listed EVERYWHERE and 5. I'm a chick. If you are not a chick, I've seen people who pretend to be chicks to get could try that (although I'd think you would get large amounts of hate mail). If you are a chick, smile and list yourself at all the girlcam sites, you'll get massive amounts of traffic before you know it. More hits = more votes, especially when I'm not on cam and surfers are looking for other live sites. Being at the top of cam lists does not mean that I'm the best cam, it simply means I have the most outgoing traffic. Yay for me.

12. Do you play that guitar?
Yes...getting better every day but I'm still learning.

13. Do you make money from your site?
Yes. If you don't know how, then it's working perfectly. If you do know how and want to emulate me click here for the list, I've tested all the programs I am in extensively... they all pay.

14. What are your pet's names?
Chocolate Labrador - Shelby, Dachshund - Chesnee, Chihuahua - Chloe

Did I miss anything? Write me.